Free Software Cloud Workshop

Free Software cloud Workshop
Event Start Date & Time
2017-10-10 10:00:00 AM
Event End Date & TIme
2017-10-11 05:00:00 PM

'Build a Free Software cloud from ground up:

Virtualization, Containerization and Automation' Workshop

ICFOSS is organising a workshop namely 'Build a Free Software cloud from ground up: Virtualization, Containerization and Automation' during 10th and 11th of October, 2017 at ICFOSS office. Considering the increasing adoption of cloud based solutions, it is important that Free Software based cloud computing capabilities are developed within important IT service providers in the Government. Moreover, policy level understanding of the technology is also necessary. The programme will cover issues in cloud computing, virtual machine technologies, container architecture and automation. The first day first half of the programme is more on policy and is suitable for people involved in policy making and system architecting. The remaining session will be hands-on.

The sessions will be handled by Mr.Abhas Abhinav, Founder, Deeproot Linux and consultant to various organisations including Indian Defence Establishments. The key institutions relating to IT infrastructure may nominate their representative for the event by sending mail to


Agenda for the workshop


Day 1 -- First Half

Introduction to GNU/Linux and "Cloud" concepts

  • What is GNU/Linux?

  • What is the "cloud"?

  • What are the components of the cloud?

  • Hardware / software / equipments that constitute the cloud

  • Free software tools

  • Adoption path

  • On premise & private cloud setups v/s the public cloud

  • How to build a cloud development setup

Day 1 -- Second Half

Virtual Machines

  • What are virtual machines?

  • Examples of how virtual machines enable the public cloud

  • Various ways to run virtual machines for development

  • Using Vagrant (hands-on session)

  • Using libvirt & KVM (hands-on session)

  • Using pre-build cloud images from Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora

  • Networking, security, scale

  • Use cases

Day 2 -- First Half


  • The problem of shipping software and services

  • How do you control the environment in which your software or service runs?

  • How do you simply deployments? How do you enable non-developers to deploy, run and manage your software or service?

  • How do you ensure the state of your application or service? Or check the state?

  • Introduction to containers

  • Installing and using Docker

  • Packaging software using Docker Deployment and shipping containers

  • Scaling, security, audit trails, repeatability

Day 2 -- Second Half


  • More servers => more problems

  • How does one eliminate or limit repeated work?

  • How does one keep a record of what was done to setup a service or server?

  • How do you do the same thing again and again in the same way?

  • How do you ensure the same outcome across multiple servers?

  • Automation is the only effective way to manage your cloud setup

  • Learning automation using Ansible

  • Building inventories

  • Writing simple Ansible playbooks

  • Deployment virtual machines & containers, servers and services using Ansible