Invitation for Interns

Invitation for Interns
Event Start Date & Time
2016-05-31 10:00:00 AM
Event End Date & TIme
2016-07-30 05:00:00 PM

ICFOSS, in its endeavour to promote development efforts in Free and Open Source Software, would like to Invite Engineering students who have interest in FOSS, for an internship for a period of one and a half months (During June-July). They are expected to develop a novel idea which can be converted in to a product and the same shall be useful to the general public. They shall present the above product before an expert panel of ICFOSS at the end of the internship period. For registration, please see the registration tab above.


           Selected Students


Reg No


13 Zigma Madhu
20 Preena Johnson
25 Keerthi Krishnan
24 Alex Jose
45 Aravind Sankar
18 Dennymol Sebastian
17 Ashapoornima R Menon
22 Aravind S
36 Kannan KDP
15 Sivaprasad
21 Aneesh Nair J R
37 Sarathchandran S
16 Jeffin Alex George
28 Akhil A
33 Edrin Seban George
34 Sreelakshmi Mohan
19 Sajini Elizabeth Jose
23 Gokul P
14 Monunith. A
11 Rohit.R.Nath
43 R.Sreelakshmi
38 Amal TR
48 Akhil R
7 R.Sreehari
8 Adarsh Vijay
6 Kuncheria Kuruvilla
39 Arun M
49 Jayajith JJ
51 Navaneeth K
52 Adersh B
26 Jishna