Application to express Interest in establishing LoRaWAN

Open IoT Lab of ICFOSS, as a part of promoting IoT ecosystem across Kerala is planning to establish LoRa WAN across selected educational institutions. The LoRa WAN in a box, developed by ICFOSS, shall be supplied to campuses and is expected to help student community and startups deploy full fledged IoT solutions at a rapid pace. Interested educational institutions are requested to furnish details below. The selected institution representatives will have to attend a three day intensive LoRa WAN training program at ICFOSS, Swatantra Campus. The final list of institutions for LoRa WAN deployment will be selected from the attendees of the training program. The selected institutions are expected to ensure 24x7 availability of LoRaWAN gateway's deployed as part of the agreement.

Application to express Interest in establishing LoRaWAN :