Blender Workshop

Blender Workshop
Event Start Date & Time
2011-09-16 10:00:00 AM
Event End Date & TIme
2011-09-17 05:00:00 PM

16-17 September 2011 Travancore Hall, Technopark,Trivandrum

About Blender

Blender is a FOSS-based 3D graphics application, available for multiple Operating Systems. Blender's features include 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, animating, rendering, particle, water, smoke & other simulations, video compositing, and the ability to create interactive 3D applications, video games, animated film, or visual eects. It can be downloaded free of cost for any of the supported platforms. Blender has been used in numerous applications including full-length movies. It provides an extremely cost-eective, ecient and complete solution to most common 3D animation requirements. Click here for Flier  

About the Workshop

This introductory workshop is meant for professional animation artistes, digital media professionals, students, and teachers. As a hands-on workshop, participants are expected to bring their own laptops. A fee of Rs. 1,000 per particpant will be charged for the two-day session (Rs. 500 for students). Working lunch and tea will be provided for participants. Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first- served basis. Kindly contact ICFOSS for more details.