GNUKhata-Empanelment of Start-ups for implementation in MSMEs

         ICFOSS is an Autonomous Institution under the Government of Kerala, mandated with the objectives of co-ordinating FOSS initiatives within Kerala. ICFOSS is also linking up with FOSS initiatives in other parts of the world in order to push the agenda of promoting democratic access to information and knowledge through equitable models of production and distribution of software in particular and knowledge in general. With a view to realise the above objective, ICFOSS intends to support MSMEs in implementing GNUKhata, which is a FOSS based financial accounting software developed with the technical and financial support of ICFOSS.

         GNUKhata is full-featured, multi-user, web-based financial accounting application, built on robust open source platforms and freely down loadable by any interested user. The existing Financial Accounting Softwares available in the market are all proprietary applications which are expensive, with rigid licensing terms, difficult to customize, incompatible with other software for data exchange, and difficult to be used on cloud computing platforms or android pads/tablets.

         GNUKhata is released under the GNU GPL license, and is capable of customization by any firm or individual user, as its source code is available for download under the terms of the General Public License. The main objective of GNUKhata is that any citizen of India can use it without restrictions of any kind and without payment of any kind. It is a complete solution to any enterprise or individual who wishes to maintain books of accounting, and ICFOSS itself has been using GNU Khata for all our financial accounting requirements. This can be made available in local languages of India including Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi by localization and by training, promotion and enhancement of visibility of the product in different parts of the country. It is conceived as a package which will cater to the accounting needs of both the corporate and social sectors, but most significantly for MSMEs.

         ICFOSS shall assist the MSMEs in the implementation of GNUKhata through Start-up Companies who have more than two years of experience in FOSS based activities. Startups interested in the Scheme are requested to contact ICFOSS with credentials. ICFOSS shall empanel qualified startups for giving assistance/training in implementing GNUKhata in MSMEs. Those who wish to install GNUKhata for their use shall only to bear 50 % of the cost of the installation. The rest 50 % shall be borne by ICFOSS.

         For more details you may please contact ICFOSS in the following telephone number/e-mail (with subject:- GNUKhata-Empanelment of Start-ups for implementation in MSMEs ) address:

Phone Number - 0471-2700012, 2700013
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