Swatantra Drones @ ICFOSS

ICFOSS announces the availability of Open Drone A 680, a Micro Quad copter developed in house . This is a momentous step towards the mandate of ICFOSS, in applied research and promotion of Open Source Solutions. Configured by the dedicated Open Hardware Lab of ICFOSS, this NPNT compliant drone can be used for a variety of operations including disaster management tasks. Open Hardware lab is developing customized payloads including LoRa WAN gateways. Open Drone team at ICFOSS offers support to Government and other organisations in developing and utilizing UAVs for various purposes.

Salient Features

• Automated flight operation from takeoff to landing
• LiDAR Assisted precision Hovering
• Tool-less assembly and disassembly
• Encrypted digital data link for secure transmission of data and video
• Failsafe modes for loss of communication signal, GPS signal and low battery
• NPNT Compliant*
• Indigenous Open Source Design (https://gitlab.com/icfoss/drone)


• Weight - < 2 kg all up weight
• Cruising Speed - Up to 50 km/hr
• Endurance - Up to 25 min
• Operating Range - Up to 2 km LoS
• Operating Altitude - Up to 120m AGL
• Communication - Digital and Encrypted
• DGCA Compliance - NPNT compliant*

• Open Source Components
• Running on Cube Autopilot
• QGroundControl with ArduPilot
• OpenTx + MavLink Communication

Contacts us: droneteam@icfoss.in