ICFOSS brings out Handbook on Migration of Desktop Computers to FOSS platforms (2 June 2014)

In continuation with the order of the Government of Kerala mandating the migration of Desktop PCs to Free Operating Systems, ICFOSS has brought out a Handbook to support the process of migration. The handbook, which is work in progress, is available here for use by practitioners, as well as for comments from the community (kindly mail your comments to info@icfoss.in). The Malayalam version of the

Workshop on Free Mobile Platforms & Localization

(11-12 March 2014) ICFOSS organized a two-day Workshop on Free Mobile Platforms and Localization during 11-12 March 2014 at Technopark, Trivandrum. The workshop covered emerging platforms such as Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Replicant Project. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. B. Ramani, Executive Director, CDAC Thiruvananthapuram. On the occasion of the

Visit of Dr. Richard Stallman

(Jan 2014) The President of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), Dr. Richard Mathew Stallman, visited India in January 2014, and visited Kerala during 15-16 January 2014. Besides delivering a public address on the topic "A Free Digital Society" on 16 January, he also visited the Chief Minister of Kerala on 15 Jan 2014. The Director of ICFOSS held discussions with Dr. Stallman on 15 Jan 2014 wherein

Beth Kolko visits ICFOSS

Professor Beth Kolko of the Department of Human Centred Design Engineering at the University of Washington, US, visited ICFOSS during 19-24 Feb 2013. Prof. Kolko conducted a 2-day workshop at Technopark on "Building Things That Think" that introduced participants to the emerging world of Open Source Hardware. She also delivered two lectures, the first at Trivandrum on the theme "User, Builder,

Leslie Chan to visit ICFOSS

Professor Leslie Chan of the University of Toronto, Canada, is scheduled to visit ICFOSS on 18 December 2012. Prof Chan is a well-known champion of Open Access initiatives around the world. Prof. Chan would be accompanied by Prof. Subbiah Arunachalam, Chennai-based consultant and campaigner for Open Access. Prof Chan and Prof Arunachalam would be visiting ICFOSS as a part of their Trivandrum

ICFOSS Announces Startup Acceleration and Incubation Support Programme

ICFOSS announced its pilot programme on Startup Startup Acceleration and Incubation Support Programme for FOSS-based Enterprises. This programme aims at providing individuals and groups—including students and graduates—a set of non-financial support services that would help them to work first as part of the FOSS Community, and then as individual enterprises. For more information and for applying,

Call for a new legal Framework for Internet Technologies

The Director of ICFOSS, Mr. Satish Babu, also the President of the South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) and the Computer Society of India (CSI), called for a new legal framework to address the emerging problems in the technology-society interface. He said that the legal frameworks of 19th and 20th centuries may not be able to address the challenges of the 21st century