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Supporting Passionate Startups to Excel

ICFOSS has been actively initiating pre-incubation programs that have the passion to build up their entrepreneurial space indulging in FOSS technology. ICFOSS envisages to create a knowledge sharing economy around itself and outside in collaboration with international institutions, networks and governments abroad to position Kerala as a global destination for FOSS based technology development. Assistive Technology, Open Hardware and Language Computing are the main areas where ICFOSS is currently focusing on. Further to above ICFOSS has been working on exploring the potential of Free Software in Drone and Photogeometry Technologies and FOSS for Engineering Design and Development. Through Research and Capacity building activities ICFOSS have thrived as a Knowledge centre which can disseminate FOSS Solutions to different stakeholders of economy like Government Institutions, Private Firms and Startups. ICFOSS engages to the enterprises through:

  • Consultancy
  • Transfer of Technology
  • Partnerships
We look forward to interact with various developer communities, industry partners and government representatives aimed at promoting FOSS. For more details please visit https://incubator.icfoss.org/


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