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ICFOSS trainings and workshops are mainly aimed at the development and promotion of FOSS initiatives among the students, Faculty, professionals and Government employees to make them competent and aware of the benefits of using FOSS applications and tools in tune with the e-policy of Governments. It also popularize and familiarise the concept and use of Open Source Operating Systems and softwares to improve operational skills of people. ICFOSS has started trainings on the above concepts and currently within emphasis to FOSS based support services to public as well as private sector employees, innovators, young graduates and students. We are also providing capacity building programmes for Government employees (Secretariat and Line Departments in State Government ), Researchers, Students, Professionals, Academicians etc. We have trained around 6,000 people from the year 2017. We are also engage in conducting various FDPs (Faculty Development Programmes) to academic community.

ICFOSS started providing FOSS trainings for employees of all departments under Government of Kerala from the month of March 2018, by ascertaining the need of capacity building in various departments. As per the direction of IT Department, ICFOSS decided to associate with Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) for providing trainings to various Government departments. In pursuance to this, ICFOSS has submitted a proposal to KSITM by accepting the demand and decided to include courses under “Integrated CB Programme for Government Officials” from the year 2018 March . Till the end of 2018 we have provided trainings for 26 batches (30 participants/batch) of Government Employees from various departments. And in relation to the requirement from Personnel & Administrative Reforms (Official Language) Department addressing the subject of conversion of official language completely in to Malayalam and imparting training to Govt. employees , ICFOSS has submitted another proposal to IT Department for providing training on FOSS migration, and started giving trainings to Government Secretariat employees from November 2017. Till the end of April 2018, ICFOSS has trained for 12 batches of Secretariat employees (30 participants/batch). Altogether we have provided trainings to around 1600 government employees across the state.

In addition to this ICFOSS is also engaged in enhancing the technical skills of women community and in creating awareness among women in the field of FOSS through the Gender and Technology initiatves. The involvement of ICFOSS in such programmes are of immense value as it brings in significant expertise and exposure to Free and Open Source Software. It also offers ICFOSS access and visibility to a community of open source programmers across the world. Such programmes are significant contribution from ICFOSS.

The main objectives of ICFOSS in conducting the trainings are participants should leave with a deeper understanding of what an Open source is, about its software and how to get started with the software and its community. We have been providing state- of-the-art facilities to all the attendees including individual computers with internet facility with supporting documents such as slide presentations, training exercises and printed study materials which are beneficiary to the attendees. Providing assessment tests and projects to the participants to gauge their involvement in sessions imparted. At the end of each sessions ICFOSS used to carry out live feedback session and put the maximum effort in implementing the demands from participants in future trainings. This information is supplemental but helps future training program planners to review exactly where new changes can be executed during the training. To support the participants in future, all theoretical background of the training courses are compiled in a comprehensive manual (Hand book) which was handed out to all participants. Participants are provided with participation and course completion certification along with ICFOSS promotional items, which are handed out by the authorities of ICFOSS and they were guided and assisted by experts of ICFOSS Team.
Considering the current Covid pandemic, we are conducting online Certification Programmes through Moodle Platform on virtual mode, instead of a traditional class room based trainings.The Certification Programme shall mainly focus to enhance the skills through free software among the participants which in turn nurture the interest in free software tools. These Programs will provide the participants with hands on experience on proposed techniques and features. It also help them to build creativity and problem-solving skills in the field of Engineering Technology and Scientific Research. Under the guidance of experienced resource persons from ICFOSS, each participant shall get live online support throughout the course period and for completing the tasks assigned to them. The level of progress of each participant will be analysed through simulation tests and project presentation at the end of each course. Certificates shall be awarded to those who successfully complete the online exam and project presentation after the training. Projects are carrying out under the supervision of specially trained resources. One can also participate the programmes through the mobile application. Unlike other classes, these sessions are conducting through live online communication, being the main highlight of these programs. Thus our goal mainly focusing on participants career development and enrichment, thus expanding individual, group and organizational effectiveness. It is our objective way to determine whether training achieved its goals. We are also providing assessment tests to the participants in the form of examinations to pay close attention to the all the sessions they attended. The certificates are issuing based on the performance in assignments, Examinations & Project. Moreover participants should meet our attendance criteria to be eligible for the participation certificates. And moreover each training session was included with supporting documents such as training materials, slide presentations, training exercises, which all are beneficiary for the attendees.

WOMEN IN FOSS (Gender and Technology)

Women representation in FOSS is low compared to that of men, just as women are under-represented among the programming community. Even though there are certain level of participation seen in a few areas, there is a lack of awareness in the usefulness of FOSS and the FOSS based tools created under it. Women community is facing various issues including lack of awareness of web based issues and usage of internet, especially regarding privacy of internet usage. ICFOSS attempts to correct this imbalance by holding events exclusive for women, like Women hackathon fellowship programmes, Workshops, Winter schools, Back to Work Programme etc.
Women Hackathons are events organised with the intention of attracting more girl students and women in general to Free Software programming. The events were conducted at engineering colleges all over Kerala, as residential 3 day programmes which includes intensive workshops in FOSS technology. This will prepare the women to use free software effectively, deepen their understanding of free software concepts and build an appreciation technology and enable them to contribute to free software projects as well as develop their technical capabilities.
ICFOSS provides women hackathon fellowships every year, to individuals with general technical skills, understanding of free software, interest in gender issues and having leadership qualities. A maximum of 5 fellows per year, will be provided opportunity to become trainer-of- trainers and be part of the hackathon team to enturst the women community to boost their skills. They will be the women ambassador from ICFOSS to impart the ideas to the community.
ICFOSS also offers training to women, in various areas of FOSS research through Winter and Summer Schools. The training will be a good platform for researchers, professionals as well as those who are interested in contributing towards FOSS initiatites of the state. These programmers aims to instill women engineers a sense of independence in technology and at the same time help them build confidence and freedom in their life. As part of Gender and Technology program, we have conducted initial training in seventeen colleges all over Kerala and around 400 girl students attended it. This is an awareness program and is designed as a basic training. Syllabus for this program includes FOSS philosophy and introduction to Debian OS and its installation.
ICFOSS has become one of top five finalists of the 2020 Equals in Tech Awards for initiating programmes in the intersection of Gender and Technology. There were 340 applicants globally. The equals , launched by the international telecommunication union has 4 founding partners- GSMA, a global association of mobile network operators, the international trade centre , the united Nations University and UN Women. The awards are given every year to organizations and individuals working to help girls and women gain equal internet access, digital skills and oppurtunities in the Tech industry.


To promote the use of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) technologies and applications among students and faculties and to encore them in contributing towards the community development in FOSS, ICFOSS has initiated setting up of FOSS Cells in educational institutions, in the year 2015. The Cell’s activities are bound in participation with the members of the institutions and ICFOSS. These deeds of the Cell aim in promoting FOSS activities through a group of interested students and teachers (Faculty Development Programmes) of the institution, on a voluntary basis.

Internship Programmes

ICFOSS, in its endeavor to promote development efforts in Free and Open Source software , the interns are expected to develop a novel idea that can be converted in to a product which shall be useful to the general public. They need to present the above product before an expert panel of ICFOSS at the end of the internship period. So far we had the privilege to give internship programs for more than 100 students during these years.

Featured Courses

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Winter School for Women

Winter school is an initiative to improve women participation in FOSS communities and it is a part of our effort to improve technical capability and understanding of free software. ICFOSS is in the process of moulding women champions for free software through this process.
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Open Source Courses

The main objectives of ICFOSS in conducting the sessions are participants should leave with an deeper understanding of what an Open source is & about its software and how to get started with the software and its community. Each hands-on session refers to the obtaining or transferring knowledge, skills and ability process needed to carry out a specific activity or functions; so, the benefits of training and development both for organization and individual are strategic and hence much wider.
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Summer Camp

ICFOSS is organising summer camps for students inorder to mandate to promote free software and hardware among the students.
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Summer School

Summer School is a Certification Program designed by ICFOSS to empower technologists with Industrial Knowledge in the particular domain through hands on trainings and workshops. Summer School sessions are Project Oriented i.e. the content is covered practically with concepts of theoretical knowledge.
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Back to Work Programme for Women

Women play multitudinous roles in society. Quite often, due to personal and family responsibilities, women choose to opt out from their career. Later, when these women decide to restart their professional journey after a break, they are apprehensive and could do with guidance and hand-holding. Taking a break from work can be a liberating & daunting task for women.
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