ICFOSS Fellowship

ICFOSS Fellowship

For most of us technology makes things easier, but for persons with disabilities it makes things possible

In order to leverage the objectives of ICFOSS towards propagation and development of Free and Open Source Software, Applications are invited from Graduates to encourage young talents having interest in the new initiatives of FOSS, by engaging them as Fellows of ICFOSS after a selection process. This is a flagship programme of Government of Kerala towards promotion, innovation and propagation of FOSS initiatives across the State. The aim of the programme is to enable the young FOSS enthusiasts to collaborate with ICFOSS in their endeavor to materialise their innovative ideas and also to provide contributions in FOSS initiatives of common interest.


1.A fellowship application should have a new project proposal and the features of it are not previously recognised or applied.
2.There will be no registration fee for application.
3.Age should not exceed 30.
4.The fellowship application shall consists of Applicant details such as educational background, achievements and accomplishments, areas of interest and expertise, Project Proposal and Post Fellowship Agenda.
5.Fellows may also be a representative of an existing community engaged in FOSS/OSH activity.
6. The project proposal shall include the standard coversheet, a one page table of contents and not more than fifteen pages of text (including any charts or diagrams).
7. Additional attachments (not more than ten pages) which may include documents certifying the status of the project(if already initiated),endorsements of the proposed project, funding commitments or other indicators of participation and support from other institutions, and evidence of community support and participation.
8.Applicants are required to submit one original copy of the Proposal in soft copy to the email ID: recruit@icfoss.in and a hard copy of it addressed to the Director, ICFOSS, 7th Floor, Tejaswini, Technopark. They must keep a copy of the proposal for own records.
9.The applicant should provide a brief post fellowship agenda (of not more than two pages) of his/her plans after the fellowship since the fellowship is offered as a precursor activity for a long term goal which could be higher education, entrepreneurship or a job. The agenda must relate to the project proposal and must include the procedures (if any ) made to meet the long term goal.
10.The Fellows are expected to work on a full-time basis for the Project in the ICFOSS office during the period of engagement. They shall submit a monthly report of the progress of the project to the Director, ICFOSS not later than 5th of every succeeding month.
11.A fellowship grant of Rs.20,000/- per month shall be paid to an active Fellow on completion of every month. Those who fail to submit the monthly progress report of the project will not be eligible for the Fellowship grant.
12.Ten Fellows may be selected for this programme.
13.A selected fellow shall assist the programmes of ICFOSS like Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, etc.
14.A selected fellow shall participate in the programmes suggested by ICFOSS for their self development.
15.The Fellows shall be provided with Certificate of Fellowship on successful completion of one year of the Project.

The selection of the candidates for Fellowship will be done by a duly constituted committee of Experts. The interested candidates can apply by submitting their resumes with the details above to recruit@icfoss.in