For most of us technology makes things easier, but for persons with disabilities it makes things possible

e-Governance Lab

e-Gov Lab offers container solutions to try and test out various e-Gov application platforms and technology solutions.Container based solution built on docker offereing a lab platform for e-Governance. Container solution helps to run complex applicatons using existing hardware and try simulate any sort of encountered problems on lab environment in little or no time manner.

IoT Lab

ICFOSS had initiated research and development in IoT as part of its objectives to enable futuristics technologies to the benefit of society. An IoT lab was build up from scratch during 2017-2018 and resources brought in to undertake studies and development.IoT lab hosts one IoT startup and is planning to host more startups.

Learning & Media Lab

The objective of the lab include promotion of relevant technology in the state as well and exploring possibilities of these technologies for education in general and special need education in particular. To build a center of excellence in Blender To build human resource capability in the relevant technologies through resource materials and training programs To develop and test technologies for digital class room and interactive learning To support development of applications for special education needs