FOSS Cells

FOSS Cells

For most of us technology makes things easier, but for persons with disabilities it makes things possible

The FOSS Cell Programme of ICFOSS aims to provide promotional services of FOSS to educational institutions by promoting the formation of a group of interested students and teachers in the institution, called the FOSS Cell, on a voluntary basis.


The vision of the FOSS Cell is to encourage and promote the use of Free and Open Source Software and related areas such as Open Hardware, amongst the students and teachers of the institution for every possible kind of use.


The FOSS Cell shall carry this out through associating with ICFOSS and its programmes, as well as with other FOSS community, industry and research organizations, and taking up programmes including training & capacity building, student projects, lectures & seminars, conferences and exhibitions, by participating at the institutional level as well as inter-institutional, state, national and international levels. The Student Ambassadors of ICFOSS will support this mission. Where student ambassadors are not available for a particular institution, ICFOSS will directly assist to the extent possible.