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Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism is copying another person's ideas, words or writing and pretending that they are one's own work. The widespread use of the Internet has made the plagiarism of documents very easy. Plagiarism detection is one of the main concern in the field of academia and research.
Today many plagiarism checkers are available for different languages. However, detection of plagiarism in Malayalam documents is a challenging task because of the complex language structure. Currently for Malayalam documents, very less number of plagiarism checkers are available.

ICFOSS is in the process of conducting R&D to implement a semantic plagiarism checker for Malayalam documents which is based on the concept of Deep learning. The solution perceive the semantic similarity between words in Malayalam language using deeplearning, which makes a way through in detecting plagiarism.

The important application of plagiarism checker is in the area of research and academics. The solution will also help in identifing the presence of fake news. Today the social media is playing a vital role in sharing fake news among personages. The new model can be used to compare amongst the news articles in different media and can be verified.

The proposed solution is currendly under the Proof-of-Concept (POC) stage.
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