T- Slide Mouse

Assistive Technology

T- Slide Mouse

A lack of affordable solutions or proper research activities persists in the area of technology
assistance to Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). As a generic solution doesn't always work in case of
creating Assistive technologies to Persons with Physical Disabilities, this is a visible gap in the
system. But, the era of digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing practices have opened up
new dimensions in this field. These emerging possibilities can be leveraged to create more
personalized products for PwDs. T-slide Mouse enables a person with extreme physical disabilities
and limited finger movements the power of Information and Communication Technologies. From
being isolated to solos, T-slide opens them to the world, were they could showcase and get
recognized for their talents and skills. Ms. Sarasu Thomas, a writer with Disabilities is the first user
of T-slide mouse, who also aided in the product development. FAB lab was used for prototyping,
design iterations and fabrication leading to the final product.
ICFOSS with is commitment and expertise in FOSS, opened up the design and codes for replicating
and customizing T-slide mouse to masses. Affordable and Accessible assistive technologies are
what ICFOSS looks at by adapting and localizing international practices.

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