Assistive Technology


The FLipMouse is an alternative input device for people who prefer (or need) other input variants
than a standard computer mouse or keyboard. Using a FLipmouse, mouse- and keyboard activities
can be created via slightest finger- or mouth interaction. The zero-way joystick of the FlipMouse is
very sensitive and allows detection of subtile finger- or lip movements. This enables precise control
of computer mouse or keyboard actions. Click activities can be created via sip and puff activities, or
by attaching external switches to the FLipMouse device via standard 3.5mm jack plug connectors.1
ICFOSS in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria is
developing FLip Mouse in Indian context. The assistive technology lab at ICFOSS works in
localization of components and coming out with a kit made of locally sourced compenents in India.
Currently the proprietary alternative of this, Quad-joy costs around 1 Lakh in Indian

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