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Assistive Technology

Special education Games

ICFOSS works on developing modern educational application aiming to support the development of
cognitive abilities. It is designed primarily for children with dyslexia in secondary schools. It should
find its use in schools to supplement the standard teaching, as well as in pedagogical-psychological
counseling offices and other counseling facilities for pupils with learning difficulties. The current
application is a localization of Tablexia 2 a global project by cz.nic, which is available in multiple
languages. The Learning and Media Technology Lab at ICFOSS current has complete “The
Robbers” game in Tablexia with localized content and language. This game can be used as an
activity to enhance the working memory of children. In The Robbers, the working memory is
trained by the necessity to remember the principle by which the player will recognize the robber. It
looks like this: “The robber comes after a man in a blue shirt and will be wearing green pants.”
While watching a number of people entering the door, the player must apply this rule correctly and
catch the robber accordingly.

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