FOSS Solution


For most of us technology makes things easier, but for persons with disabilities it makes things possible

ICFOSS e-governance projects aimed at providing electronic services to citizens.


Technology consultancy around ITAM/ITSM/ECM/ERP verticals helps to nail down right set of identified resources to work and guide/route the need appropriately on the identified solution on those verticals.And also providing IT Consultancy around the domain verticals ITSM/ECM/ERP will meet the present demand in government IT projects. Making the centralized solutions will stop the solos in departments and bring control and governance on these verticals.


Building Centre of Excellence on the following domain verticals ERP/ITAM/ITSM tool stack. By making stronger resource base on the verticals will supply the demand raises on the solution stack on upcoming government solution implementation using identified Open Source tools stack. Through continous training and skill upgrading through assessment on these verticals will meet the demand.