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Open Designs on UAVs

The key issue in increasing adoption of aerial mapping in Kerala is the cost of the equipment and software used for it. While the technology is relatively simple, the quality of the components and the system is critical. Considering these factors, team at ICFOSS started design low cost UAVs. In this process a Flying wing and fixed wing trainer crafts were designed. The designs are unique and iterated with field tests. Currently, ICFOSS is engaged in Drone mapping using Quad-copter & Hexa-copter. Free software and hardware like is used for design, build and evaluation of the copters. Pixhawk & APM as flight controller, Ardu pilot & Mission Planner used as firmware andGround control software, Taranis as controller etc. for operations. MAV Data Extraction Kit- Maverick was developed in house for telemetry data extraction.

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