Back to Work Programme for Women

Back to Work Programme for Women

Back to Work Programme for Women
Women play multitudinous roles in society. Quite often, due to personal and family responsibilities, women choose to opt out from their career. Later, when these women decide to restart their professional journey after a break, they are apprehensive and could do with guidance and hand-holding. Taking a break from work can be a liberating & daunting task for women.

A large number of capable, committed and ambitious women decide to remain outside the workforce for a number of reasons such as marriage, motherhood, locational constraints, family commitments, pursuit of personal passions etc. Many of these women who want to return to work and are looking for a way to harmonies professional and personal lives, hesitate as they are unsure of the opportunities and the mechanisms that they will encounter in mainstream careers. The resulting loss is two-fold: the women let go of their professional aspirations, while businesses lose out on the productivity of a sizable portion of the talent pool.
Nearly 50 per cent of the female workforce in India stops working after three years, because of young children, aging parents, or marriage. This roughly accounts to 10 million graduate and post-graduate women. In fact, a good number of women who want to resume work are unable to do so owing to strenuous, inflexible timings and competitive work culture.
In this context, ICFOSS offers an opportunity that allows women, who have taken a break from their career, due to personal commitments, to restart their career in various free software domains. It offers a profusion of second career options so that women can choose to return to work, one baby step at a time or bounce back with double the vigour.

• To create systemic pathways to facilitate the reentry of women into the workplace.
• Mould the participants technically, to face the challenges in work environment and to achive professional goals.
• To update the participants on current technologies in the particular domain by providing hands on training.
• To make them financially independent and ensure greater women participation in the workforce.

ICFOSS has performed two “Back to Work Programme for Women” during the past years, which is appending below:

  • July 2019 : Software Testing
  • November 2019 : Android Development

In continuation to the above we have scheduled to organise the third “Back to Work Programme” on “Software Testing” which starts from 17th November 2021. For more details about this program, click here

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