Out Reach

Evangelisation/Community Building

Community enhancement aimed at the progressive development of FOSS.

FOSS Cells

The FOSS Cell Programme of ICFOSS aims to provide promotional services of FOSS to educational institutions by promoting the formation of a group of interested students and teachers in the institution,...
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Community Events

The Government of Kerala established ICFOSS with the mandate of carrying out academic and research programs and advocacy centered around Free and Open Source Software and thereby achieve the critical...
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General Programs

ICFOSS conducts events FOSS Young Professional Meet and Swatantra reflecting the importance of recent developments in this FOSS domain


FOSS Young Professionals MeetAbout the EventThe FOSS Young Professional Meet is the annual event of its kind that brings together students, fresh graduates, young professionals and start-up companies...
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ICFOSS organizes a triennial conference- Swatantra - on the emerging developments in FOSS, and how these can be leveraged for betterment of our world. The objective of this unique Conference and evolv...
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