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ICFOSS is the outcome of a decade of work by Free Software enthusiasts, advocates, developers and supporters in the state of Kerala and outside. Recognizing the strides made by the FOSS community in Kerala, the Government of Kerala implimented the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) in 2009.

Free and Open Source Community

Linking with communities, developers, groups and institutions abroad. Given the fact software is globalized, it was suggested by the FOSS community that this organization is international in character in order to enable ease of working with FOSS communities that span continents.

Project Runway

Projects & Initiatives under ICFOSS
ICFOSS research and development aims to promote free and open source software.
  • Vision & Mission
  • Objectives

Vision & Mission

The vision of ICFOSS is to become a leading research organization in Free and Open Source model of knowledge development thereby contributing towards sustainable development of society and to stimulate economic development in the region.
The mission of ICFOSS is to promote research and development in the area of Free and Open Source Software and the knowledge development model it puts forward.
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    • Identify and quantify the political, cultural and economic benefits for India as a result of FOSS. This would not just be restricted to software but also to issues like patents, copyright, digital content, scientific publishing etc.
    • Develop an action plan aimed at making India a global leader in the open source community
    • Leverage the open source development model based on community, collaboration and shared ownership of intellectual resources to bridge the digital divide
    • Create a road-map for open source software development for India's software export industry
    • Take the lead role in identifying technologies for different applications for the government, public enterprises, educational institutions, small business, individuals and other key sectors
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Updates on ICFOSS News

ICFOSS Inaugurated

ICFOSS Inaugration
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Expert Committee Appointed

12 May 2011.
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